What's a Virtual Rental Manager?

Written by Marble Team

Dec 20, 2021

Landlords often ask us what it means to be a Virtual Rental Manager. We'll try to decompose the core drivers of our product so you can determine if this is the right choice for you and your rental property.

Traditional Management

To start, we often compare our role to traditional management. Traditional managers offer a high-touch service that does everything you can think of as it relates to your property. They find tenants, collect rent, and handle maintenance. Historically, they are quite involved and are often traveling to your property.

Virtual Rental Mangement

Now enters virtual rental management. When you really think about the work of managing a rental. It's really quite logistical and communication based. You're answering emails and texts all day and plugging in information into various systems. With Marble, we've taken all the logistical nightmares and handle them entirely remotely. Think of us as your personal rental assistant.

We've realized DIY landlords are coming from a very hands-on approach to management and are more than capable of doing a lot themselves. However, there are routine tasks that often gets asked of them when they are directly managing their own properties. Marble's Rental Managers will take all of this away and do the easy tasks for you. By combining automation with a highly trained team of remote assistants, we make your lives a lot easier.


Marble is one of the first services to offer such management at scale and another benefit now is you can get the same quality management service, regardless of where your investments are located. This means you can focus more on the exciting parts of investment: location, appreciation, renovations. We'll do the grunt work for a flat fee charge and you can rest easy knowing your rental will run smoothly without your constant attention.