For Owners

What is your screening process?

We believe that the best tenants are the keys to a great management experience. Our app is built around that value with an integrated background check process to screen every tenant that is interested.

$50/month/unit - what's the catch?

No catch here! We're able to offer our services through automation and focusing on what our customers want most in their property management service.

Will you help me figure out the price I should set rent?

Of course! In addition to the short survey when you sign up, our team can use their extensive knowledge and data to help provide owners a smart price for your rental.

Does Marble have any long-term contracts?

No Annual Contracts! We keep it simple for you and know that you want to pay for services when you use them. You can expect to pay $50/month per unit and can cancel at any time.

What happens if no tenant is placed in several months?

No problem. You won't be charged until a tenant is placed and renting. Our team is here to support you before, during, and after a tenant is placed.

Are there hidden fees?

Nope! We charge $50 per unit and a $75 setup fee. That's it.

How does the smart lock work?

We've collaborated with Friday to create a secure and and easy-to-use system. After it is installed, prospective tenants will use the Marble mobile app to verify their identity and then unlock securely through bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

How does maintenance work?

Tenants will be able to easily request maintenance in the Marble app and you'll be able to review and approve them in the app too. See how maintenance works in detail here:

How does Marble find reliable contractors for maintenance?

We've integrated with both Latchel and Keepe to offer tenants with vetted, professional services for all maintenance needs. You can trust our pros to save you time and headache!

Can and how do I use my own contractors?

Yes! If you have your own "A team", we've setup an easy way to add them and easily track maintenance requests.

Do you do evictions?

Unfortunately, our service doesn't directly support in the area of legal counsel or evictions. We're happy to refer you to attorney if you do need help.

When do you start charging me?

You won't see a bill until you start charging a tenant that is placed. Our team is here to support you before, during, and after a tenant is placed.

Will I be charged per unit?

Yes. No matter how many properties you manage, we'll only charge $50 per unit per month.

What cities does Marble cover?

We are supporting properties all over the US! Marble makes it easy to manage properties nearby and remotely!

Do I need to pay for the lock?

For a limited time, we're offering our smart lock for free when you sign up! Outside of our promotion ends that our lock system costs $150 per unit.

Does Marble offer rent ready inspections?

Great question - contact us and we'll be able to give you more details on how our team can help with this.

Can I schedule a tour right after I move out?

Yes! Once our lock system is installed, it will be ready to schedule tours as soon as a touch of button in our app.

Do you install the lock?

We have several options to help you get your lock installed depending on your preference. Contact us for the limited-time option to get a free lock!

Can I use a third party screening tool?

While we do provide a way for you to manually manage prospective tenants, we also provide our secure background check process to find you the best tenant for your property.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with a Marble representative who will walk you through everything.

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