Free Property Management Assistant

Stop paying 10% to Property Managers

What do we cover?

People touring a home

End to End Tenant Placement

Everything from listings to self-tours to applications. Our placement service finds you tenants in 2.5 weeks on average.

Handyman fixing a window for a house

24/7 Maintenance Dispatch

Never field a maintenance call again. Our team is always on and ready to handle any repair.

Website portraying digital management

Digital Rent Collection

Lose the spreadsheet. Track all rental income and bills through Marble's app and website.

Marble Fees

Monthly Fee

$0 / month

Maint. Markup (optional)

$20 / completion

Leasing Fee


Renewal Fee


ACH Fee *


Card Fee


* ACH fee can be charged to landlord or renter

How do we make money?

Marble makes money through application revenue, maintenance markups, and payment processing fees while reducing costs through automation with ChatGPT.