Remote and digital rental management at a fraction of the cost.

Complete Package

End-to-end rental management technology.
+ $150 one time setup fee
+ $75 setup fee (limited time offer)!
  • Prospective Tenant Tourings
  • Rental Advertising
  • Applications & Screening
  • Maintenance Coordination
    • Cleaning
    • Handiwork
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Appliance Repair
  • Dedicated Support Chat
  • Financials & Online Rent
What you're getting
Finding and Touring Tenants
  • Advertises vacancies on 20+ listing websites
  • Three step ID Verification of prospective tenant before self-guided tour
  • Provides prospective tenants with temporary access code for self-guided tour
  • Support chat with prospective tenants to answer questions
Tenant Screening
  • Recommends applicants based on criteria
  • Provides full credit report
  • Checks nationwide criminal and eviction database
  • Fully verified income insights report
Maintenance & Repairs
  • Tracks repairs and allows tenants to submit requests
  • Uploads photo and video documentation
  • Offers a US-based 24/7 call center
  • Manages your common in tenancy maintenance requests
  • Coordinates these maintenance requests with service pros
  • Schedule maintenance timing with tenants
Dedicated Support Chat
  • Tenant problems and questions first handled by our support team
  • Our team helps you manage your tenant relationship
  • Only answer escalations when absolutely necessary, on your own time
  • Transparency with what is going on in your property
Online Rent & Financials
  • Reminds tenants of upcoming payments
  • Messages with tenants and property members
  • Saves and protects documents in one place
  • Necessary legal documentation for all 50 states
Lease Management
  • Alerts and reminds you on upcoming renewals
  • Messages with tenants and property members
  • Saves and protects documents in one place
  • Legal documents and contracts for all 50 States
  • E-signature for signing forms