Self-Guided Tenant Placement

Marble utilizes safe and secure technology for showing your place autonomously. Our advanced self-touring technology allows a prospective renter to tour a vacant unit without the presence of an agent.

How it works

Install complimentary Marble smart lock
Marble automatically syndicates your listing to sites like Zillow, Hotpads, and Trulia
Propsective tenants inquire about your property and Marble automatically responds
Propsective tenants go through a 6-layer security check with Marble
Propective tenant tours vacant property with one time access code
Marble automatically follows up with application and background check forms

Proven Security

Marble holds itself to the highest security standards with regards to access control and self-touring technology. We utilize a 6-layer security system in order to ensure the security and protection of your property.
Credit Card Authentication
Government ID Upload
Selfie Face Verification
Proximity Detection
AI Review
Manual Review

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