Marble, a living experience company.

Our Mission

To build complete, frictionless rental management services dedicated to optimizing rentals through technology and operational excellence and allow homeowners and residents to truly enjoy their rental coast to coast.

Meet the Founders

Daniel Li


Daniel Kim


Daniel and Daniel met at the University of Washington Computer Science department where they quickly bonded on a mutual passion for amazing products and technologies. It was during these years they quickly realized a common challenge across the surrounding area known as the U-District: the landlord-tenants relationship. Given the high stakes and demanding duties, landlords often struggled to provide quality living experiences and potentially missed out finding good tenants.

Immediately upon graduation, the Daniel's launched Marble originally as a property management service to help landlord provide the personal and human touch, they needed to deliver a better living experience and maximize their rentals. During this time, they applied their computer engineering skills to automate and streamline key tasks which now comprises the rental management service Marble is today.

Flash forward to today, the Daniel's have left their prior jobs at Facebook and Adobe to scale out their rental management service for homeowners across the US. Seeing their service smooth the long dreaded complications of the landlord-tenant relationship has given all the conviction they needed to pursue their vision of a reimagined rental experience and to convert their side-business their main ones.

Meet the Team

Daniel Cohen


Kasra Eslami


Property management is a challenging problem, and our product team brings the necessary skillset to disrupt an age old industry. With a core focus on building simple useable services for homeowners, they are dedicated to bringing the power of full property management automation through key software and hardware technologies.

Board of Advisors

Brewster Stanislaw

Business Strategy

Henry Li

Real Estate

Marble is also backed by a highly experienced board of advisors bringing 50+ years of combined product and real estate experience. With their help, Marble has built an operations team specially trained to help homeowners across the country. They also provide key insights into real estate and product trends that allow us to get ahead of any relevant changes to the rental industry.

Ultimately, our company's vision is to reshape the living experience and enable everyone to love where they live. Reach out to to learn more about our team.

Marble is headquartered and operated out of Seattle, Washington.