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How It Works


Here's a few handy links to help with your Marble rental

Listing & Advertising

Explore how Marble can help you find a tenant.

Payments & Reporting

Overview of how owners receive rent and check finances.

Maintenance Support

Learn about Marble's nationwide maintenance coverage.


Different ways Marble can supply information to your tenants.

Marble Policy

What it's like working with Marble.

Locks & Touring

Out of state owner? We've got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your screening process?
$65/month!? What's the catch?
Will you help me figure out the price I should set rent?
Does Marble have any long-term contracts?
Where do you post my rental listing?
What happens if no tenant is found?
Are there hidden fees?
How does the smart lock work?
Do you install the lock?
How does maintenance work?
How does Marble find reliable contractors for maintenance?
Can and how do I use my own contractors?
Do you do evictions?
What cities does Marble cover?
When do you start charging me?
Will I be charged per unit?
Can I use a third party screening tool?

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