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Marble Notices

Marble has national mailing coverage that can send important notices to all your tenants. Technology is our best friend here but some things still require a physical document. Marble stays in touch with your tenant and gets out timely notices so that owners are prepared for anything. 

Notable notices Marble provides:

Pay or Quit
Official request for payment from a tenant, usually from damages or missing rent. 

Rent Increases
State required notice to tenants before increasing the properties rental price. 

Lease renewal
State required notice to tenants before the expiration of a lease term. 

HOA and Lease Violations
Marble can relay notices from your HOA to inform tenants about urgent matters.

Evictions can be a worst case scenario and Marble ensures that it is prevented whenever possible. Most commonly evictions are initiated from the lack of rent payment or violation of lease agreement. While Marble does not have any in house eviction attorneys we can assist owners in sourcing a lawyer to represent you in court. Accepted eviction notices will be sent directly to the tenant by the courthouse and we will send the hired lawyer support documentation and paperwork. 

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