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Locks and Touring

One of the key services provided by Marble is the ability to help owners conduct tours at the property when listing and advertising. Marble has partnered with the award winning Igloo Home, to present home owners from around the country, an opportunity to supply tenants and maintenance vendors remote access and temporary pin generation.

Touring with Marble:
- Property will have an Igloo smart-lock system installed
- The Marble team will respond to all potential tenants and their inquires, instructing them on how to schedule tours and start applications.
- Follow up messaging sent out by Marble team for any incomplete applications.

How the locks work with Marble :
For Igloo locks, they can be directly paired with the Marble app. Then when prospective tenants request for tours, our Marble support team will distribute temporary pins for a self-guided touring experience. Tenants will visit the property on their own time and walk through the property.

Note: All Marble Touring tenants are required to verify their government ID prior to entry for security purposes. Owner Touring tenants will not receive an ID verification prompt when scheduling directly with the owner.

The Igloo Smart Locks :

Igloo Lockbox 3E ($190)
Igloo Deadbolt 2E ($200)

There is an optional $150 handyman installation service for owners looking for installation assistance.
The Igloo smart locks do not require Wi-Fi to operate, the locks work by connecting to the operators phone via bluetooth.

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