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Maintenance Support

Maintenance support is one of the primary pillars of service Marble provides to owners. “Virtual” doesn’t mean the lack of a physical presence at the property. Marble has partners with national service providers and vendors, so all properties receive boots on the ground attention. 

Tenants will use the Marble app to submit maintenance requests. They will fill out a form that details the problems at the property. The marble team will work with the owner to decide whether to process the request and the possible vendors to use. Budgets can be determined for more of a hands off experience. Owners can set a price threshold and let the Marble team handle the small requests. 

How do we “find” our vendors?

Marble has partnered with national maintenance providers that supply us professional businesses for your tenants needs. For emergency situations, Marble will work with Abodea for after hour requests, even on holidays - we’ll do the rest and pick things up once business hours resume! For handyman and cleaning services, our Marble team will also just search the web for a local vendor. 

What is the credibility of our vendors?

Unlike a hidden in-house employee from a traditional management, we defer to professional business that can be researched online. These vendors have independent expectations to uphold, that translates to the service they provide for Marble properties. 

Can Marble work with owner preferred vendors?

Of course we can! If there is a team that an owner has already assembled, Marble can make a brief introduction and save the contact information for all future inquiries.

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