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Background Screening

Reviewing your tenants application and screening is accessible in your property’s profile, under the “Applications” tab on the left. When you click on the application group you’ll be able to view the tenant’s application.Screening includes credit score, criminal history, income, debts/mortgages, rental history and more. Tenants will be required to pay $40 for the background screening report. “Pending” reports just mean that the tenant has started the application/screening but it was incomplete. A Marble team member will follow up with each incomplete applicant.

Rental Analysis
Marble offers owners a complementary property rental estimate. Using online integrations, Marble is able to research your local area and make a listing price recommendation. The data presented will display listing averages, medians and percentiles within a 3 mile radius. Owners will also be shown similar Zillow listings for a comparison reference. To use our rental estimate tool visit here.

Listing Websites
One of the proudest services we are proud of here is streamlined tenant placement. Using a listing syndication tool that allows us to post your property listing to multiple different websites, it's easy and cost effective to get more eyes on your listing and to get the lease signed.

Igloo Smart Locks
Our Igloo smart locks are not required in order to use Marble’s management services, however it is a recommended option for out-of-state owners.The smart lock will be attached to the properties front entrance and interested tenants will schedule time slots through our Marble app. The Marble concierge team will instruct potential tenants to download our App, verifying their ID, and operating the smart lock. Temporary pins will be generated for every tenant that tours.Marble has partnered with the award winning Igloo Home to present two smart lock options for property owners, Igloo Deadbolt 2E ($180) and Igloo Lockbox 3E ($200). 
Handyman installation service can be scheduled along with the purchase of the lock for $150. 

Prior to listing your property if you need a property inspection, Marble can schedule a professional and certified vendor for you. Inspection reports will be presented to owners with notes of damages and issues, along with photo documentation. A general inspection will be around $100-$200 depending on the level of documentation the inspector is expected to provide and the size of the home.. Inspections can be scheduled through the Marble mobile app. Select your property and start Submit Work Order.

Photos and Description
This is the one of the most essential part of your listing and how you can captivate the most tenants! Initially, only 5 photos will be required to start your profile but we recommend adding at least 10-20 photos for your listing. The description should give a verbal tour of the property to those reading it, highlight amenities, surrounding points of interests, building material, etc. The description should also include specific policies you want tenants to be aware of before they start applying. Some examples: housing vouchers, screening criteria, lease term, pet policy, etc. Photos and description can be edited at any time in your properties Settings tab (yes, even when your listing is live on the advertising websites!)

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