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Payments and Reporting

Collecting rent payments is quick and easy with Marble. Sign up with banking information and the concierge team will automatically deposit payments to your account. It’s a completely hands off experience for the owner with the automatic late payment notice.

Types of rent payments accepted: 

ACH Online Payments-
This is the primary and preferred method of rent payments. We can directly set up banking payment options for the tenant to the owner. Owner payouts occur 4-5 business days after the tenant submits payment. 

Credit Card-
There is a 3% transaction fee for tenants that choose to pay rent with credit card. 

Check/ Money Order/ Cashiers check-
Mailed payments are sent to Marbles mailing address and scanned and processed to be deposited into the owners account. This method may result in longer payout periods. 

Financial Reporting:

Property rent payouts-
Monthly payments can be viewed in the Account tab on the website or on the Home screen of the mobile app. The report will show the tenants name, property address and payment amount. 

Tax reports-
 During tax season, request a summary of income and expenses from the Marble team so those can be properly submitted to your accountant. 

Emailed maintenance receipts-
Owners get to organize their maintenance invoices with Marble’s emailed receipts. After every completed maintenance task there is an emailed invoice rent to the owner showing the amount paid, the vendor, and what the task was. 

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