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5 Ways to Wow tenants Renting Out a Single-Family Property

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Written by
Marble Team
Daniel Li
February 10, 2023

As rental landlords, it’s our job to make sure tenants feel welcome and happy in the rental property. Taking a few extra steps can wow your rental tenants and make them feel like they have found a real home away from home.

Here are five surefire ways to do just that!

1. Make sure the rental is clean before anyone moves in. Nothing says “welcome” more than a rental property that has been freshly cleaned and prepared for its new occupants. Be sure to hire or do a deep clean of the rental before move-in day, so your tenants will be impressed as soon as they walk through the door.

2. Provide an amenity basket. Put together a “welcome” basket for your tenants with basic amenities like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and snacks. This small gesture will make your tenants feel taken care of from the start and help them transition smoothly into their new homes.

3. Give an orientation tour. On move-in day, take the time to give your tenants a thorough tour of their rental unit and explain its features in detail. Show them where they can find important things like utilities, laundry machines, entryways, etc., and answer any general questions about the rental or community rules.

4. Offer personalized touches. Once your rental tenants are settled in, it’s always nice to offer a few personalized touches that make the rental feel more like home. Consider adding small decorations or artwork that reflects their interests or style. 

5. Connect with your rental tenants regularly. Take time each month to check in with your rental tenants and see how they are doing. Ask questions about their comfort level in the rental unit and see if you can do anything to improve their stay. By staying connected and being attentive, you will show your rental tenants that you genuinely care about giving them a great renting experience.

Following these five surefire ways, you can create an environment where rental tenants feel comfortable, welcome, and taken care of. Make sure your rental property is a place rental tenants can call home!

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