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A Renters Wants and Needs - What Landlords should know

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Daniel Li
October 8, 2022

What do renters want and need?

Safety and Security

Safety and security are fundamental wants, as demonstrated by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In this chaotic world, renters want to feel safe and secure in their own homes.

Prioritizing safety and security helps landlords rapidly increase the appeal of their rental homes. Consider installing smart locks, doorbell cameras, window sensors, and alarm monitoring services if you don't already have them.

MarbleTip: Researching the local crime rate can help you prepare for how to protect your tenants better.

Environment for Healthy Living

The importance of health has increased. It occupies the first spot on the priority list for many renters. Make this a priority this coming year, and you'll attract a different demographic of renters. You can honor this need in terms of accommodation by emphasizing general cleanliness and using safe, environmentally friendly materials.

Improving the standard of the air you breathe on a daily basis is one of the most significant changes you should make to your living space. Look into the best air purifier brands for your particular needs and regularly check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


Safety and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand with the location. Like any business, location can significantly affect your revenue. Excellent tenants look for a rental near the workplace, shops, eateries, and public parks. It's all about lifestyle quality, and if a rental home is located in a desirable neighborhood, a fantastic tenant may be ready to pay more or ignore the less appealing features of the property.


Parking, however, is a crucial factor to consider, given the constrained confines of an urban environment. Try to provide tenants with a parking garage within five or six blocks of the property if you are unable to provide off-street parking.


Renters love to have furry friends as companions. Due to concerns about possible property damage, many landlords are reluctant to accept pets. But one of the advantages of allowing pets on your property is that it reduces turnovers because tenants with pets stay put longer to protect their animals from environmental changes.

MarbleTip: Check your landlord's insurance to ensure the pet is covered. There are numerous dog breeds for which landlord's insurance does not provide coverage.

Outdoor Spaces

The popularity of outdoor spaces rises among renters. They have engaged more in outdoor activities as a result of the pandemic.

Adding outdoor living spaces to your single-family rental home's backyard can considerably boost both demand and rental rates. Decks, patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and grilling spaces are all common choices.

Move-in Ready

An ideal prospective renter may not rent a property if it needs painting, carpeting, or cleaning. Ensure all required repairs before putting the home on the market. You would immediately lose their interest because their first impression of the rental would probably stick with them.


You, as the landlord, may contribute to attracting tenants to your rental property. A respectful, dependable landlord is better than one who is unreliable or unpleasant to deal with.

Being an effective landlord requires managing your rental home while considering your renters' needs. Being the most fantastic landlord your tenants have ever had is something you're well on your way to achieving. Create your landlord account with Marble now to start the renting process for all of your rental properties.

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