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Eviction Moratorium End: What You Need To Know

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Written by
the Marble Team
Daniel Li
December 8, 2021

While evictions are never an ideal scenario for either party, it is at time an inevitable outcome. With eviction moratoriums set to expire, here's some resources every landlord should know before considering evictions. Marble cannot help service evictions but these are some basic tools for landlords to understand how to approach the eviction process.

Can A Tenant Break A Lease?

Tenants can break leases typically for the following reasons:

  1. Military Reasons
  2. Health Problems
  3. Job Relocations
  4. Failure on the landlord to comply with lease clauses, make repairs, or keep the property habitable

Can I Evict My Tenant?

No matter what, landlords are strictly NOT allowed to change the lock on a property, remove tenants or belongings by force, or shut off utilities. That said, here's some of the legal reasons than may give grounds for eviction.

  1. Breaking terms of the lease (consider seeking legal counsel)
  2. Failures to pay rent
  3. Damages to property
  4. Illegal activities on property
  5. Expiration of lease and refusal to move out

Steps for Eviction

  1. Review state and local eviction laws (consider seeking counsel)
  2. Identify at least one of the above as grounds for eviction
  3. Provide a formal Notice of Eviction to the tenant
  4. File the eviction with your local court
  5. Receive Notice of Hearing via mail from the court with a court date
  6. Court hearing
  7. If eviction is approved, the court will order local sheriffs to send a Writ of Possession (Restitution) to vacate premises typically within eight days.

Template: Notice of Eviction

Here is an example template you can use to send your tenant a Notice of Eviction.

Dear Tenant’s Name,

You are hereby notified that your tenancy at property address will be terminated on date.

I am terminating our rental lease for the following reason: You have violated this particular section of the rental lease.

A court hearing may follow if you do not correct the violation above or leave the premises by termination date.

Your Name Date

Final Thoughts

In closing, renters deserve to be treated with respect, however there are moments when enough simply is enough. While typically, respectfully settling lease or rent disputes and finding new ways to move on is the better and healthier resolution, it is at times a necessary evil to pursue eviction. While Marble does not provide eviction services, it is still a great tool for establishing continuity during the turbulent times evictions may bring. Please reach out if you have any questions and we are happy to direct you to other eviction resources.

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