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How to Build a Strong Relationship with your Tenant

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Marble Team
Daniel Li
August 22, 2022

Here are a few steps to improve your relationship with your tenants, ultimately resulting in happy tenants who remain in their rental properties for extended periods (and pay their rent on time!).


It is essential to develop and build strong communication with your renters. Go above and beyond. Let your tenant know that you are available to talk to them whenever they need to. Respond quickly to requests. Establish trust and make your tenant feel comfortable reaching out to you. As a landlord, your tenant is a key asset to your business. You must ensure that they are cared for and communicated with in a professional manner at all times. But more than just building “care communication” with your tenant, it is also wise to have a support chat team that can assist you with automated messaging.

Did you know? Marble has a dedicated support chat team that will handle Tenant’s problems and questions. Our team helps you manage your tenant relationship, and you only answer escalations on your own time when absolutely necessary. You can have transparency with what is going on on your property.


Community is what makes any space feel like home. Cultivate a sense of community at your property, and use resident events to bring people together. Whether it's a monthly wine tasting or a tenant's party, these events are great ways to reach out and interact with your renters in a fun and stress-free way. A sense of belonging can help create an environment where residents are more likely to feel comfortable, happy, and safe. The only way to get a sense of community is to create it.


A compassionate landlord is helpful, understanding, and trustworthy. Renters will never forget the landlord who went out of their way to ensure their needs were met. For your property, this means providing renters with a clean, safe place they’re excited to call home and follow up if they have any questions or issues. By being these things, the landlord builds a positive relationship with their tenants, who are more likely to pay their rent on time. This can also lead to tenants staying in a property for extended periods as long as they are happy in their home.

Here at Marble, we value both Landlords and Tenants. That is why we built a simple yet attractive interface to help both efficiently manage their properties. We offer end-to-end tenant placement, 24/7 maintenance dispatch, complete digital management, and the best concierge support team.

Happy tenants and happy landlords are two sides of the same coin. With proper communication, healthy community, and compassion for each other, plus with the help of Marble in managing your property, there will be a brighter chance of building a solid relationship between you and your tenants.

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