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How to Deal with Tenants Who Pay Their Rent Late

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Daniel Li
September 29, 2022

When dealing with tenants that habitually pay their rent late or don't pay on time, a landlord may want to consider the following options:

Check State and Local landlord-tenant legislation

Examine state and local landlord-tenant legislation to ensure that you legally follow late fee rental requirements. Study the rules and regulations to learn what penalties landlords may impose on tenants. Many rent payment terms, such as the grace period window, late charge ceilings, and notice delivery processes, can be LEARNED here. These must all be researched and can be added to the lease if needed.

Examine the Lease Agreement

Review the lease agreement and any applicable policies. Landlords have certain rights and duties, such as receiving rent on time, presenting tenants with the appropriate notice, allowing a grace period, and assessing late fees if permitted by landlord-tenant regulations.

It is recommended to impose a late fee and other policies on late payments to encourage your tenants to make on-time payments. The more specific the policy, the more likely the tenant will comply.

Consult the tenant

Sometimes all it takes to cease renters from habitually paying late is a friendly phone call. Although the rent might be due on the first of the month, some tenants wrongly think they have a grace period to pay by the fifth or tenth.

Effective communication will probably prevent payment errors because late rental payments can occasionally be a symptom of poor communication. Likewise, fostering a positive landlord-tenant relationship by being open with them and enabling them to ask questions when necessary reduces the likelihood of late payments

Rent Reminders

Another option is to send tenants a notice that their rent is due. A reminder can help, as it happens that people forget to pay their rent on occasion.

The regular rent due date, the amount of past-due rent, any permissible late fines, and the deadline for complete payment of the rent to prevent further legal action should all be included in the rent reminder notification. Did you know? Marble helps landlords with online rentals and financial documentation. One feature Marble has is to remind tenants of their upcoming payments (two days and one day before the payment due date).

Allow online rent payments from tenants.

Rent collection online is one quick and easy solution to prevent late payments. Rent collection online is more convenient for tenants and enhances the possibility that they will pay on time. Tenants who set up automatic monthly payments are more likely to pay their rent on time each month.

Plan a payment schedule.

Some landlords decide to negotiate a payment schedule with a tenant who is paying late rather than bringing forward a time-consuming and costly eviction case. For instance, if a dependable renter has consistently paid rent on time, they might need a little extra time to catch up owing to a financial problem.

A landlord and tenant may agree on a weekly rent payment schedule or move the rent due date from the first to the fifteenth of the month as an alternative to paying the monthly rent in full each month. Any agreement must be documented, ratified by both the landlord and the tenant, and incorporated as an addition to the current lease agreement.

MarbleTip: Carefully screen prospective tenants by doing a background check, getting a credit and rental history report, income and employment verification, and interviewing their references in person.

Final thoughts

Landlords have a variety of options when dealing with renters who pay rent late. It is important that landlords know what works best and the most effective ways to avoid late rent payment issues and encourage tenants to pay on time.

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