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How to Eliminate Pet Smell in Your Rental Properties

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Daniel Li
January 26, 2023

Hi there, landlords! Renting to pet-owning tenants can increase revenue and profit margins, but it can also result in messes like stains and odors and make turnover cleaning more difficult. Landlords must know how much time and money it will take to maintain cleanliness and what tools are available to eliminate things such as the pet urine smell in the carpet.

Use pet odor eliminators 

Pet odor is not only annoying but also harmful. Germs, bacteria, and other hazardous microbes that can infect humans and animals with the disease are typically the source of stinky odors. 

Dailypaws shared the top 8 Pet Odor Remover Products for Carpets, Couches, and More:

Did you know? A fantastic natural cleaning solution for more severe pet scents is vinegar. Try misting carpets or floors with vinegar in a spray bottle that has been diluted with a little water. For a more potent odor-eliminating boost, combine with baking soda when applying to cushions or bedding.

Ventilate your property.

Pet odors are frequently trapped inside dwellings because of closed windows and poor airflow. Open the windows in your flat while you are home and if the weather is suitable. An added benefit of an open window is that sunshine can eliminate odors. Turn on the ceiling fan to allow air to circulate throughout your property. Close the windows and turn on your air conditioner to keep the air moving if it's cold or raining outdoors. Remember to clean or replace the air filter frequently to ensure that your air conditioner functions well.

Wash the Walls

Check your walls, especially those close to your pet's litter box, if you can still smell pet odor but are unsure where it is coming from. You can either repaint the walls entirely or mix water and vinegar to eliminate the odor. If you choose to repaint the walls, use a primer that will seal in or eradicate the smell before painting the walls.

Remove dried urine from garments and carpets.

Start by thoroughly washing the area with simple water. Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the area by repeatedly soaking it and cleaning it. Avoid using a steam cleaner because the heat can permanently establish odor and stain. You might try constantly wetting and blotting the stain with warm water and fresh towels if you don't have a wet-dry vacuum.

Remove pet hair, dander, and dirt.

To remove pet hair, dander, and dirt, use a vacuum. Make sure to vacuum any potential fur-collecting surfaces, such as carpets, upholstered furniture, area rugs, hardwood floors, and drapes, and remember to change the vacuum filter frequently.

Consider the drawbacks of permitting animals in rental homes if you intend to rent your house to pet owners. Pet rental fees and the requirement that pet owners obtain pet insurance are two ways you can protect yourself.

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