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How to Find the Right Tenant for Your Rental Property

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Daniel Li
February 7, 2023

As landlords, finding the right tenant for your rental property can be difficult. You want someone reliable, communicative, and respectful of the property they are renting. To help you through this process, here are some tips on how to find the right tenant:

Start by establishing clear criteria: Before you start searching for tenants, make sure that you clearly define what your expectations and requirements are for prospective tenants. This should include income levels, credit score requirements if applicable, background checks, references from past landlords (if applicable), pet policies, etc. Knowing this will save a lot of time during the search process.

Do thorough research: Once you have established your criteria, you must thoroughly research the potential candidates. This includes verifying their income levels, credit scores, and other applicable information. Doing this will help you find a tenant who is reliable and responsible.

Be open to negotiations: Once you have found a prospective tenant that meets your criteria, be open to negotiations. You don't have to accept the tenant's offer immediately, and it may be beneficial to your rental property if you can negotiate terms with the potential tenant. This could include offering incentives like discounted rent payments or additional amenities in exchange for a longer-term lease agreement.

Utilize property management services: If you feel uncomfortable handling only some of the tenant-landlord relationship yourself, then consider using property management services. Property management companies specialize in rental management and are experienced with best practices for landlords when it comes to finding tenants. They can also provide helpful advice on setting up leases and contracts, marketing your rental property, collecting rent payments, etc.

Here at Marble, we value both Landlords and tenants. Marble is a virtual rental manager for your rental that covers tenant placement, screening, 24/7 maintenance, digital rent collection, and more — all for a flat $50 monthly fee. Create an account and feel free to check the offered services.

By following these tips, landlords can successfully find the ideal tenant for their rental property and ensure they are reliable and responsible renters.

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