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The Top 5 Worst Parts of Renting Out Your Home - How Marble Can Help

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Daniel Li
February 2, 2023

Everyone knows that rental property can be a great investment but can also cause a huge headache for landlords. From handling tenant problems to sorting through legal paperwork, rental management can quickly become a full-time job. But luckily for rental owners, Marble is here to help! Here are the top 5 worst parts of rental property ownership- and how Marble takes care of them:

1. Tenant Problems

Whether you're dealing with noisy neighbors or late rent payments, it's no fun when tenants have issues. With Marble's tenant screening process, landlords can ensure they're only renting to reliable and responsible people who will take good care of their rental property. Plus, our rental management software makes it easy to stay on top of tenant issues.

2. Legal Paperwork

Nothing puts rental owners to sleep faster than reading rental contracts or dealing with rental law. But Marble can make rental paperwork a breeze with our rental agreement templates and legal advice service. We'll help you make sure all your documents are up-to-date and compliant so you don't have to worry about any nasty legal surprises down the road.

3. Property Maintenance 

 Keeping the rental property in top shape can be time-consuming and expensive. Still, it doesn't have to be that way! Marble's rental management software connects landlords with reliable local contractors who can handle maintenance quickly and cost-effectively, so rental owners never have to worry about keeping their property well-maintained again.

4. Rent Collection 

Trying to collect rental payments can be a balancing act for landlords. With Marble, rental owners can set up automated rental collection services that make it easy to receive rent on time and without hassle. Our rental management software automatically sends reminder notices so landlords don't have to hound their tenants for payment.

5. Tax Forms 

 If you're a rental owner, you know how complicated tax forms can be. But with Marble's rental property accounting service, rental owners can rest assured that their taxes are taken care of properly – and on time! We'll help ensure all your rental income is reported accurately so that you won't have any surprises come tax season.

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