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Turn-over Checklist: A Landlord's Guide

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Daniel Li
October 24, 2022

Depending on what must be accomplished, the turnover procedure for a property might take a few days to a few weeks. You can utilize an apartment turnover checklist that includes all the crucial elements to keep you on track.

Your principal focus should be to get the property back to how it was before the next tenant moves in. Refer to the move-out inspection to determine what it will take to get the property in working order. Follow our cleaning and repair advice to make the transition as simple as possible.

Move-Out Notice

To decide if they need to recruit new renters, landlords usually provide tenants with 90 days' notice of lease renewal alternatives. If this is the case, receiving written notice from your renter explicitly saying that they do not wish to extend their lease is the first step in handing over a property..

The amount of time before the end of the lease that a tenant must give a move-out notice varies by state, but it is typically between 30 and 60 days to give landlords time to find a replacement tenant. The notification should specify their desire not to renew the lease, the date by which they will vacate the property, and an address to which they should send any costs they are liable for paying.

Tenants Key

You might wish to arrange a final inspection with your existing tenant to go through each room in the rental and note any damage that goes beyond ordinary wear and tear before they return the keys. If no significant damage has been found and there are no unpaid debts, your tenant can then return the keys to the rental home and receive their security deposit returned. Setting a lockbox can be helpful if you are not in close proximity with the property.

Items Left Behind

There's a good chance your tenant may leave something behind in the apartment when they move out. It might be something tiny and unimportant, like trash and cleaning supplies, or something more extensive, like furniture. In that case, what should you do if your tenant vacates the home but leaves behind personal items? Clear the belongings out, but don't get rid of them immediately if new tenants move in soon after the old ones go. You might be obligated to provide the tenant written notice before disposing of their belongings, depending on the regulations in your state and the reasons for their departure.

Appliance Upkeep and Repairs

Before you begin cleaning, it is a good idea to finish all of your repairs and maintenance tasks because there is a potential that some dust will be left behind. There is, however, one guideline that is rarely followed: clean the walls first before painting.

Completely clean the apartment.

It's time to tidy up the space after the repairs are finished. Save the floors for last and adopt the "top to bottom" philosophy. Before cleaning the floors thoroughly, cross everything off your list.

Repaint and Patch the Walls

Make sure to mend any holes or dents in the walls caused by hanging objects before painting over them. It's a good idea to paint over any stains you can't remove with gentle scrubbing.

Replace or Clean the carpet

You might merely need to vacuum and shampoo the carpet, depending on how old or unclean it has become. However, you'll typically need to completely replace it or give it a thorough cleaning.

MarbleTip: Hiring a professional cleaner is a wise choice if you decide to clean the current carpet. Remember that carpet might take anywhere between two and 24 hours to dry. This depends on the room's carpet type, humidity, and airflow.

Replace the Locks

The last item on your apartment turnover checklist is changing the locks and obtaining new keys. Your renters will feel more secure with a new lock as there is no way of knowing if the previous occupants kept a duplicate. Just keep in mind to create a set of keys just for you. This will be necessary if the tenants misplace their keys, become locked out, or if you need to make urgent repairs.

You've replaced, painted, washed, and fixed. You may now officially welcome your new tenants to their new homes after getting the property back in top condition.

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