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What is a Property Manager is Responsible for?

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Daniel Li
December 12, 2022

A landowner can hire a property manager if they need more time or expertise to handle the business-related required duties. In essence, a property manager acts as a liaison between an owner and a renter and is in charge of various duties. You should understand what property management comprises and what duties go along with it if you're interested in pursuing this venture.

This blog will discuss what property management is, what it means to have a license to practice it, and what kinds of daily responsibilities it entails.

Property management refers to managing and administering various commercial and residential real estate facilities. This entails managing the day-to-day activities related to a property, such as handling maintenance issues, collecting rent, and handling tenant complaints. A property manager's agreement with the landlord will determine how much responsibility they have.

Property Management Main Responsibilities:

Recognizing the rules and legislation on landlord-tenant relationships

Professional property managers must have a thorough understanding of local landlord-tenant legislation to properly screen tenants, manage security deposits, handle lease terminations and evictions, and comply with safety regulations for the property. These must be upheld, along with all the regulations outlined in the leasing agreements. 

Managing maintenance requests and repairs

Managing your property's repairs and upkeep is a component of a property manager's duty. This entails managing water leaks, pest control, trash pickup, and more. Property managers have two options for carrying out these tasks: they can do it themselves or employ a professional (such as an electrician or plumber) to take care of it. 

Posting property ads and marketing

Every property has a better chance of generating a lot of interest if it has a strong marketing campaign. And this is one of the main reasons landlords hire a property manager. 

This entails taking pictures of the property and listing it on numerous listing websites.

Managing tenants

Managing a variety of renters is a common responsibility for property managers. This entails selecting the ideal tenant for a landlord's property and checking these tenants' credit and background to ensure they've chosen the suitable applicant(s).

Additionally, property managers will likely be in charge of all tenant leases, managing move-in/outs, evictions, and tenant issues. 

Collecting rent

One of a property manager's primary duties is overseeing the rent. Setting a property's rental rate is necessary for this. To accomplish this, the property manager must evaluate the property, its surroundings, and the present market. Once a renter moves into the property, they will be responsible for collecting rent on a specific day and enforcing late fees. It is also their responsibility to send out notices about the failure to pay on time. 

Managing the financial reporting

The management of the property budget and other significant records may also fall under the purview of property managers. This entails considering the property budget, compiling all tenant leases, coordinating complaints, and paying for repairs, among other things.

Tax reporting support

When filing taxes, landlords could want help from property management. The property management might occasionally file the real estate taxes themselves.

Securing the Property

The duties of a property manager may extend beyond routine upkeep of the rental property by conducting periodical inspections. Installing security devices such as cameras and smart locks is an added bonus.. They will also be responsible for creating policies and practices that improve emergency preparedness. An experienced property manager is aware that tenant retention increases when they feel more secure in their rental home.


Property management is a tool that investment owners should consider when expanding their portfolios. People who are relatively new to the real estate industry may find this extremely beneficial.

With the right property manager, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about managing your properties. A good property manager can ensure the property stays in tip-top shape.

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