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What is a property walk-through?

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Daniel Li
November 19, 2022

A walk- through also known as an “inspection”, “landlord-tenant walk-through”, or a “move-in/move-out inspection'' takes place at the start and the end of a tenant's lease. A move-in walk-through is when the new renter inspects the property to look for any potential problems that need to be rectified, whether or not the landlord or property manager is present. The good idea is to mention any issues before they arrive. During a move-out walk-through, the landlord or property manager inspects the rental unit to look for any potential damages or problems that need to be fixed before a new renter can move in (either with or without the tenant present).

There are specific items to look for when evaluating your rentals. To ensure that your walk-through is thorough, adhere to these guidelines.

Verify safety

You should inspect the safety features in your rental home in any rooms where they apply. That includes checking to see whether any fire extinguishers have expired and testing the smoke detectors. Since all the safety equipment’s functionality immediately affects the tenant and their belongings, you should be particularly diligent about this.

Plumbing check-up

Keep an eye out for leaks and water damage in the bathrooms and kitchens and examine the functionality of the faucets and toilets. Make sure there are no more huge cracks or chips present by checking the tubs and sinks.

Switching on and off devices

Test every device in the kitchen while your tenant is there. Demonstrate how to switch on and off the devices. This includes the stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, and dryer if there is one.

Note any distinctive features of your property.

Ensure that your walk-through includes any unique amenities, such as a garage, a deck, or a balcony, if your rental home has them. Make a note of any problems you see there and make sure everything is secure.

Examine your backyard (If Applicable)

Inspect the backyard of your rental home for any signs of damage or unwelcome objects, such as a trampoline. If tenants' pets are permitted in the backyard, check if they have damaged your backyard that needs to be repaired or if they need to clean out any pet droppings. 

Open the drawers and cabinets.

Open and close all cabinets and drawers to inspect for wear and tear, as it can happen anywhere. Verify that hinges are functioning correctly and that pulls and handles are firmly attached. Everything should be completely closed and shouldn't have a loose appearance.

Make sure all drawers, cabinets, and closets are empty as you open each. Remove everything you may find without having to record it on the checklist.

These are just some of the areas a walk-through rental checklist should go over, inspect a;l of your property, and spot problems as soon as possible. Use Marble's move-in/move-out checklist to keep focused and ensure that nothing is overlooked, 

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