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What kind of legal support can your Property Managers provide?

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Daniel Li
February 2, 2023

Expect all documentation to be provided

Property managers are often responsible for the day-to-day operations of a rental property. This includes everything from collecting rent to managing paperwork and addressing issues within the property. This is an essential role because it allows them to focus on the most important aspects of their business. However, they will need to be prepared for any legal action that may arise from their tenants.

Sending out official mailed notices 

This is a new role for the property manager, who will need to know how to send out official mail notices. These could include Eviction letters; Notices of rent increases or reductions; Notices of service of documents; Any other relevant notice that may be necessary to be sent out by the property manager. 

Dealing with tenant disputes 

The property manager will need to attend court for any issues that arise from their tenants. This is where a good knowledge of legal terms and terminology will come into play. They will also need to approach any disputes in a professional manner, which means making sure all documentation is ready before going to court. Hence, there are no future complications down the line. 

Communicate with the tenant to understand their situation

This includes communicating with the tenant to understand their situation, ensuring that they are aware of any changes that may affect them, and responding to maintenance issues.

Hire an attorney to be the legal representative

Property managers are often responsible for the overall operation of a rental property, including hiring an attorney representation in court or mediation sessions. If you have questions about your lease or want to ensure everything is running smoothly, don’t hesitate to ask the property manager for assistance.

Takeaway: Property Management companies often down-supply an attorney for you but should be able to support you through the process by providing proper documents, communicating with the tenants, and sending out notices. Marble can do all of these things.

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