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Winterize Your Rental Property

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Marble Team
Daniel Li
October 1, 2022

Here are some fundamental fall maintenance suggestions that every landlord should include on their checklist for winterizing work on their rental properties.


The gutters built along a building's roof can get blocked or damaged over time, especially after severe weather. Inadequate gutter maintenance can result in structural damage, overflow, and harm to neighboring windows. It would be best to clear your gutters of any leaves and other debris before winter arrives.

Ideally, landlords should inspect the gutters twice a year; however, the frequency will depend on the age of the home. You can use a ladder to check them yourself, or you can hire contractors to do it.


Wintertime means that it will probably be dark by then! Make sure your exterior lights are in functioning order so you always have a clear path around your well-lit property.


Branch breaking that could endanger people or create impediments can be caused by branches severely weighed down by snow and ice. While you are unable to prevent a tree from falling, you must keep an eye out for any limbs that can be hazardous. Inclement weather will make branches hanging over the house problematic. Before they shatter a window or harm the roof, it is much less expensive to handle things immediately.


Rodents and termites may try to enter your home through tiny openings so that they may escape the lowering temperatures. Look for gaps that rodents can easily enter when inspecting the property. If so, block off such openings by filling them in or by setting traps.

To prevent a bad experience for tenants, it can be worth having the property checked by an exterminator if there are several rodents and termites.


It's time to perform an annual furnace inspection and cleaning to ensure peak performance before the winter months, save energy, and extend the life of your furnace. Dirty filters can make your furnace operate less effectively, reducing heat output, more significant energy costs, and more wear and tear. Failure to inspect a furnace in the fall can increase the likelihood that it will malfunction in the winter, which could be expensive to fix and lead to disgruntled tenants. You can engage an HVAC contractor to examine the HVAC and furnace to determine whether or not they need to be changed or fixed.


In addition to maintaining your furnace, you should also maintain your carbon monoxide detectors. Landlords must put in working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. To ensure they are all functioning and haven't been tampered with by tenants, frequently check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


It's crucial to winterize any outdoor sprinklers, faucets, or hoses on the property in order to keep them from freezing and bursting. Frozen pipes can be avoided by turning off the valves and draining all outside water pipes.


Heating costs might increase as cold air seeps in through gaps in windows and doors. After removing all window air conditioners, ensure all windows are closed, secured, and sealed tightly. Visually examine each window and door frame to check for air leaks that may need caulking, weather-stripping, or even replacement.


Eliminate slipping and falling hazards. Fill up divots in the lawn, clear organic waste from walkways and entryways, and make sure your walkways are textured. Finally, examine the railings on your property. On days when the snow melts and then refreezes, it can be exceedingly hazardous for you and those around you to leave their houses. It is advisable in this case to use salt-free ice melt and other anti-slip products.


It is best to reserve your snow removal service as soon as possible. The majority of reputable snow removal businesses are in high demand. The best approach to guarantee first-rate service and that they will be there when you need them most is to plan for and commit to a snow removal service early on.

Keep in mind that maintaining your property and preventing slips and falls is essential year-round, but it should be your top priority during the bad weather that autumn and winter might bring. Sending out a reminder to your tenants on how to save money and remain warm this winter is an excellent idea. That little work can go a long way toward averting disasters, maintaining content tenants, and ensuring the rental property is completely insured.

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