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Building Human-backed AI Technology

Technology is changing the world, but humans are still necessary. Nancy AI is our human-backed AI system that responds to tenant emails, texts, and phone calls autonomously.

Jenny O'Brien
8:37 pm
Hi! Can I schedule a tour for tomorrow at around 3pm? Also, when is the property available for move in?
Nancy AI
8:42 pm
Nice to meet you, Jenny! I'll put you in for a tour tomorrow, Tuesday at 3pm Pacific. Additionally, the property will be ready for move in on the 1st of next month! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

Our Approach Building AI Technology

Our AI systems are built on top of some of the most advanced computing systems in the world such as Google's Bard, OpenAI's ChatGPT, among many others. While building Nancy AI, we prioritize safety, accuracy, and correctness. Nancy AI doesn't respond unless it is over 98% sure it is correct!

When our AI systems aren't able to confidently understand what a tenant is asking, we fallback to a specialized human team that is able to provide the correct answer. In this process, we are able to train our systems to become smarter over time.

What kind of questions can Nancy AI respond to?

Our engineers are constantly refining and expanding the types of questions that Nancy AI can respond to. Currently, Nancy can respond to these types of questions:

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